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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New set of nails done .

Awesome red tips, gold ribbons and bling just for Chinese New Year :D
First time having red nails and i loveee it ♥ !

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ask me anything @

Lenses i ordered arrived.. AWESOME!!

Look at the pretty bottles, it's totally authentic.. no doubt(;
And this time i bought two pink and one grey lens .

So excited to wear them, i opened a pink one to try yesterday .

Smokey pink !

Looks awesomely huge eh.. and guess what ?
The lenses is only 14.5 dia .. love it !

Dopeeeee ♥ .
how it looks in the day and taken with flash(;

and please allow me to digress ..

Finally went back to have this awesome cake !!
Maltesers cheesecake & Strawberry shortcake .. YUMS♥

Weekend passed so fast again .. sigh !
Feeling sooo damn tired everyday i don't know why ..

Gonna go back to watch tv and laze around .
Oh, and start jogging already.. been eating loads !! and CNY's coming ..

Enjoy sunday people ♥ .

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ask me anything @
So... here goes.

All of you are asking me to blog about my boyf, but what to ?
But here's something i can update about.. our 1st monthsary celeb(:

18.01.11 marks our first month

It was a tuesday and we decided to just have a simple dinner and chillout after work .
Boyf's all excited and googled all day to find a nice place we can dine in ..

I was really indecisive and got him to make the decision .
And he did, found a place near my workplace so we didn't have to travel .

SWEET! and there, Somerset 313 it was ..

Pretty huh.. cozy max.

That's what we ordered ..

Caesar salad, Scallop risotto, Spicy calamari, and some chicken dish .
There's a reason why i didn't remember that dish, cause i didn't enjoy it at all .

I nearly puked after i put a piece of the chicken in my mouth.. AWFUL!
And the rest of the food was so-so .

Poor boyf had to finish 3/4 of the food x=

Highly raved chocolate fudge cake.. we had to order.
And, it failed me again !

Poor boyf had to finish it again .. lol .

Seriously i wouldn't recommend going there at all .
Despite the nice ambience.. the food's so-so and it's pricey .

Bill was $90+ and we could've eaten something more awesome with that amount ..
Poor boyf's feeling damn bad about bringing me there.. it's totally alright boyf.

I seriously feel the pinch for him ..
paying that amount for such low quality food =/

Wanted to head down Boiler but i thought we should do something different .
And we headed to Acidbar for a drink and some food for me ..

I swear i was feeling sian cause i was real hungry !

Beer for him, margarita for me !
And the pizza is damn dope .. i swear i'll go back for it :D♥

OMG feeling hungry as i blog .. hahah .


I'm always pampered by him and i swear, who doesn't love?(:
Tries every way just to make me feel loved / happy ..

I'm glad he's here to save me from misery .

Love you boyf♥(:

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Whatsapp's fun for us at times..

And you should be able to decode it(;


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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New lenses.. 14.8mm this time, loveit !!
And i used the purple M.A.C fluidliner that boyf bought me ..

Boiler without boyf this time .

It's been kinda long since i last drank sooo much .. but it love it(;
TAH max and all the dope music and performance. one word, DOPE !

love my pretty bling ring !

I'll be back to update again(;
Have a great weekend people ♥ !

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Haven't been taking enough pictures to update ..

Work at the new workplace has been good so far, but sometimes frustrating .
It's just how irritating some people can be.. feel like slapping them i swear .
Other than that, time seems to be passing fast at work .

My corneal ulcer has healed and im back to wearing lenses .
The lenses shown on the previous post.. dopeee !

My lovely boyf ♥ .

I know he'll be overjoyed and do silly stuff again .

He's becoming my personal KOI delivery man, superb nice of him ..
Speaking of this, he just surprised me with a cup of KOI at workplace today.

爱我这样的人对你来说并不容易, 不管世界多冷我还有你。
Thank you boyf.. loves♥(:

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates people, im back !

Am suffering from corneal ulcer thanks to the lenses i bought way back .
I've thrown away all the lenses and bought new ones .. trusted ones .

Spent at least $200 for the checkup and medicine, going back next monday for check again .
I hope it'll be good soon so i can wear my lenses again !!
It's been 3 weeks .. specs even to Boiler, torturing but no choice .

My new lenses .

Christmas pressie from company !

and i saw this lying on my table yesterday .. thanks dee ♥

my christmas present from boyf ♥ !

I'm a happy girl now cause boyf treats me likea princess .

I swear he pampers me soooo much he's gonna suffer soon HAHAHAH !
KOI delivery to my place, surprise breakfast at workplace .. honeymoon period you say .

Plince just told me im effing lucky, he's an effing nice guy .
And everyone around me's telling me how nice he is .. and yes, ofcourse i know .
but, i just can't help bullying him LOL !

in spectacles again.. sian to the maximum .


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