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Thursday, July 29, 2010

First visit to Zirca, not a bad experience..
Rebel's music's good but i love Zirca's crowd !

Update soon♥(:

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Monday, July 26, 2010

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Food Galore

Jap food for you?(:

Wagyu Beef Shabu-Shabu . Spicy Gyoza
Baked potato metai with cheese

And another i forgot the name !

Had dessert @ Vivocity .
Will go back to try their mango sago !

Here's the real sweet treat..


Red Velvet & Strawberry Shortcake .

I swear the cakes are damn dope !!
Will surely go back to try allll of them :D

Snapped a pretty cake !
OMG can i have that for my birthday? heh(:

Rose tea and Latte !
Nice combination with the cakes.. MUST TRY(:


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Healthy weekend is love :)!

I've been skipping going to TheBoilerRoom for 4 weeks now .
Chilling out is what i love now, or any other clubs ! haha .

Met up with Anna last Friday, dinner + chillout .

Ricky joined us after dinner.. and i swear they two make me laugh mad !
Burst out laughing loads and can't stand them max too .. like to do stupid actions .

Dinner was Brotzeit @ Vivocity .

Food's good.
Nice ambience for chillout.

I think it's not expensive to dine in there ..

We ordered the platter-for-2 and another main dish, it only amounted to $53 .
And the serving's big enough for 4 person :)

Rambled around Vivocity and trained over Clarke Quay .
Been wanting to go to Helipad for long, and here we go, like finally :)!

Cover's needed but it's Ladies' Night on friday :)
There's indoors and outdoors there, and of course, outdoors we chose.
But indoor's good as well.. definately trying it out the next time .

Look at the nicenice view .

Whole of Clarke Quay in just a glance ;)

Our drinks :
Lime Margarita. Lychee Martini. Carlsberg beer.

A picture while waiting ..

And the vain Ricky wanted one as well, haha .

Few shots before we check out the indoors .

So cute right !
That's their handwashing place, haha .

Outside the toilet.. full-length mirror is love !

Adels . Anna . Ricky

Rambled around CQ before we head home .
And i'm sure it's damn coincidental.. Guess who we saw?

Suling was at Clinic !
And we manage to get her friend to take a picture for us :)

Home before 2am after chillout is good .

Loving days like this.. it's damn enjoyable !
Not feeling that you've drank too much, not tiring, not worried of hangover..

Skipped going TheBoilerRoom this week too :)
Clarke Quay again but am so going back to report to Boiler this coming week .
Have my weekends all planned out.. with all the upcoming movies.


Am unsure whether is this the life i want right now ..
But i'm just glad im not crying every now and then anymore .

I am sure Liting Meiting Ricky Lince Lemon's giving me lotsa support during this time .
Really kinda touched when ricky said "We're always here for you de leh.."
Even what i did was wrong, they'll be there to get my back .

ThankYou my friends .

Back to enjoying my lazy Sunday..
Hope all of you had a great weekend like i did(: !

Take care people ♥ .

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Had been clearing leave before contract ends on July26 .

Took halfday leave on wednesday two weeks back..
Met my ex-colleague who became a friend, Sara(:

Home after work for a nap, and met her at town .

All we did was just walk-around and talk as we walk ..
No shopping just random walking and heart-to-heart talk .

It's really nice and I love days like that(:

From Orchard to Somerset and ended up at Plaza Singapura .
Cam-whore after dinner !(:

Pretty lady(:

Ricky came over to meet us after..
Chillout was the initial plan, wanted somewhere at Clarke Quay .

Ended up...

Winebar @ Zouk .
(and that means Phuture and Zouk too!! haha)

Vain lady touching up her make-up !

Us outside Zouk ;)

Nice chillin' out !

Apple Martini x 2
Bacardi Coke x 2
Mojito x 2

We bought calamari too .
( it was damn bad and costs us 12 freaking bucks ! )

Was bored and started taking pictures of us drinking .

Here's mine !
And i just realise all are taken in the same angle ;)

I'm starting to get red ..

Us three !(:

Waited for damn long before we decided to head in Phuture .
So damn disappointed in Zouk man.. their so out of the league !

I remembered the queue for Phuture/Zouk's freaking long when it's only 10pm .
But when we were at Winebar, it was already 1130 and there's no queue?!

Can't believe but yes it's true ..

Us in Phuture(:

Shots shots shots !
(SexOnTheBeach & AppleShooters)

And Sara's friend bought us 2 jugs of orange Vodka omg !


Tah... finish it all up !!

Last picture of the night(:

Phuture's totally not for me anymore ..
All the youngsters feeling happy grinding around in the dancefloor, tsktsk !
I feel old now .. Chilling out is far more suitable for me .

Weekend is nearing people.. Oh, tomorrow !

Had plans to head out with colleagues tomorrow, but i guess they'll bust the plan again .
Hope i'll still be heading out and have fun(:
And Saturday too, so looking forward to it, come quick !

Alright back to watching tv,
Have a great weekend people♥(: !

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will be updating soon..
Stay tuned ♥ !(:

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Been so lazy to update my blog..

Have been utilizing my digital camera well these days,
it's really time to update and post the pictures lest they pile high up !

Haven't been meeting meiting for the longest time,
Decided to meet her last friday to accompany her while esther's doing her hair ..

Gave up going BoilerRoom and i'm damn glad i made that decision :)
I think i'm getting sick of Boiler.. Feels like going there, makes me sad .

Alright .. pictures time !

Camwhore.. no fail !

Our dinner ;
Waffles sandwich.. DOPE♥!

We were deciding where to head to ..

If they're going Butter, it'd be Boiler for me .
I'd gladly love chillout sessions instead ..

In the end, decided to head to friend's place for a drink before Nana .
It's allllll gooooddddd :D !

Cheers♥ Drink it all up !!

Nana !! I'm all red ..

The friends i made through meiting, and im glad !
Nice friends they are and meiting too :)

Love them all .

Impromptu .
Kay came to find me again, and glad we had fun !

And i'm glad the girls mix well with my friend too !


Haven't been able to sleep in peace recently ..
Waking up all early when it's not time yet, i swear it's damn unbearable .
I have no solution at all.. I really hope this will end .

I had a great week this week, with all the chilling out :)
Haven't been clubbing on sats for 3 weeks , and i will not too this coming .

Going back to watching TV & chatting .
New week again, dreading please !!

Take care people♥

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