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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm back from the long hiatus .
Felt i haven't had time for myself for soooo long ..

I need a new digital camera to motivate me to blog man, no pictures = no blog .

Well, i did take a few pictures here and there with my iPhone .
But what i realise after is that.. 90% of them are food !! =/

Now you see ..

Went NEX to try out Crystal Jade Korean BBQ buffet .

Disappointed !!
I think Seoul Garden tastes much better .

Since workplace's at Lor Chuan..
We do go NEX sometimes during lunch for pink pearl bbt .

And do you know, KOI doesn't do delivery anymore);
But lucky for us.. Bishan is only 1 mrt stop away too !

I've been having dim sum sooooo much recently ..

126 for dinz .

Treated grandparents and parents to dimsum @ Peach Garden .


Dimsum from market near my place..
It's tastier than all the random dimsum i've eaten .

Sunday dinner and chillout with friends @ Keppel Bay .

Smalltalks. Gossip. Little drinks.
I lovee hanging out like this (:

And Prestige Sale 2011 is here !

Dirt cheap.
$29 / $19 each ..

And this is only $15 !!

I've been working soooo much OT this month .
Clocked 28hours up till now.. but i bet i'll be ultimate happy when pay comes(;

Opened a UOB account to seperate my savings and spendings .
Finally i've done so after so many years .. Great to see the money accumulating !

Just worked for 6 hours today..
agreed to because i'm on leave tomorrow .

Gonna go back to tv now.. YAY to no monday blues :D !

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