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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I was just whining to meiting, and she called me and told me about this !
You will never want to miss this .

And you'll never regret(: !

Prestige Sales

28th to 30th April 2010
10:30am to 7:00pm

6 Jalan Kilang

Make up: Givenchy and Paul&Joe .
Lots and lots of perfume .



Guess what? All for Only $120 i think .
2 Perfumes, 2 Bodymist, Body lotion, Lip liner and Lip gloss !

This is only for $39 !

Givenchy lipgloss only @ $11 !

Givenchy lipliner for $8
GAP Bodymist for $10
GAP Bodylotion for $8
GUESS Perfume for $29 (retail $97)

Bought so much lesser than last year..

We've got too much Paul&Joe products and too much make up.
We gave up quite abit, limiting ourselves this time(:


Now i've provided the information.. Please do yourself a favour!
Enjoy the sales spree .

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The things that are outta my control.
I'm sorry but please give me time..

I really can't help it.

I let everything out in a day, so extreme, i'm really exhausted ..
When it's too much to take that's the only thing i can do .

I'm really tired.
I'm heading to bed, goodnight.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As promised,

Prestige Sales on 28Apr
6 Jalan Kilang


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i miss my boyf♥ );

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Took MC and skipped work today, BoilerRoom yesterday night .
Enjoyable one .. thanks lince thanks lemon(:

Met up with meiting today as planned, like finally .
Shopping and more shopping - Ion / Fareast / Wisma / Taka / Somerset313 / RafflesCity
Haven't been towning so much for long .. So damn tiring please !

Bought a top, two skirts and mega lotsa Laneige products .
So going back to F21 next week .. PAYDAY(;

Had my fringe cut at the salon that help meiting permed her hair, i think it's good(:

I think i will go back to have my hair cut there when i'm lazy to go Parkway.
The price is a little steep but that stylist seems good, at least my fringe's okay..

Fringe cut at only $10, cheap !

Laneige warehouse sales we went...
And I bought this all just for only $50(; !

I'm like really gonna fall sick.. kinda headache =/
Gonna go sleep soon and wake up at 130 later, poor him needa study .

Alright .. Goodnight people(: !

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Party pictures(: !

Carol, Lince, Ridoki, Anna, Ricky and Phoebe .

Mistress, Lianmeiting(: !

with Esther too(:

Love my lenses .

That's... The Boiler Room for you(;

Zen, Isabelle, Stella and Lemon .

Group picture!
Leonie, me, ricky and isabelle .

Work contract ends on Jul26, still wondering whether to continue.
I hate this phase, like always.. lazy to find another but sick of the current .

Saving up saving up !

Force save now, limiting my expenditure before payday comes..
Of course.. gonna do it whenever i get my pay from now .

Nuffnang cashout last month, getting it this month end(: !
No, not extra money to spend.. Saving it up too.


Watched 'Clash Of The Titans', 'When In Rome' and 'Date Night' recently .
All worth watching IMO.. especially When In Rome(;

Been sleeping for the whole day but still feeling so tired ! Ohmy.

Okokay.. Shall go back to watching my show and chatting .
Blog again soon i guess, haven't been taking pictures recently ..

Take care people !

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Long long weekend this week ..
What have i been up to?

Thursday 1 April ,

The Boiler Room

With Anna and the usual clique..
And that's Phoebe, Anna, Carol and Me(: !

Club Nana

Headed over after the performance ended at Boiler .
And that's meiting and 'oncoming' .. haha(:

Saturday 3 April ,

The Boiler Room

Went shopping with Carol at Vivocity.
Decided to head over to join the clique for more party(: !

No alcohol consumed for the night .


Alright it's time to head to bed ..
Goodnight people(:

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lince never fail to ask me things that make me think..
I reminded him the other time that humans are 犯贱 and he can't help but agree .

Now he asked me why some people are so weird but i think, not some but all ..

Because you're too comfortable with what you're getting, you tend to take things for granted .
But when you're losing it and feel threatened, you'll give it more to retain that security .

But i guess knowing so much is of no use when you don't do what you're supposed to .


It was Mono / Boiler / Nana yesterday(:

It's been long since i get home so late and party all night long .
Didn't drink as much but i get the same amount of fun .. it's the people i'm with (:

Couldn't join meiting&clique to Nana last week so i decided to head over this week .
A little chaotic but still, it's all good ..
I really love partying with them , they always seem so happy together !

Gonna go for dimsum with plince and ricky tomorrow .
And it's movie with on sunday .

I'm just wishing the days to be happy and good.... Goodnight !

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