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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oolong milktea with Roselle pearls .

My friends have been talking about this since NEX is opened ..

I just got to try it out on friday and i swear, it's comparable to KOI !
The pearls are awesome.. tastes good, smells good !


On a lighter note, im going Genting on 1 - 3 April !
With boyf and package(plince&plicky) ..

I bet it'll be heaps of fun !

And we're soooo gonna skip themepark and go to the casino this time .
Casino. KTV. Bowling. Club. Movie. Starbucks everynight. lotsa !

My long awaited short getaway, come quick ♥ !

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally got my hair cut !

Got a message from Kimage saying Parkway outlet has closed, the stylists have been relocated.

First thing i did was to call and check where'll my stylist be, AND IM DAMN GLAD !
Glad because she's been relocated to Plaza Singapure.. damn near me LOL .

Another not-working saturday !

Brought boyf for haircut @ Kimage cause his hair is too crispy (cui) .

Walked in without an appointment and my stylist was busy ..
But i didn't make an appointment upfront as i wanted him to try other stylists,
they should be as good since they're at Kimage Prestige !

Went roaming around Marina Sq and Citylink after.. been so long since i've been there .
And soooooo many shops opened, i'll go back soon !

And here's the reason why LOL .
SUPER DUPER YUMMYY popcorn i swear !!

Rambled around until it's time for dinner .
Being the indecisive me, decided for almost an hour and CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND !

I salute boyf for this, able to tolerate my indecisive-ness though he's mad hungry too .
Seoul Garden, Yuki Yaki, Waraku, Sizzler, so many choices !

And......... we finally decided on one .

Went back to TPY and had a simple dinner .
But glad it didn't fail us, mad yummy !!

The baked rice and calamari is AWESOME♥

loveyouu .

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Need I say more? (:

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've been busy with live and haven't have much time for myself ..

Work's tiring with all the nonsensical customers calling in .
I swear there are all kind of ridiculous things but on the other hand, of cos there are nice people .

On the whole, I'm still quite satisfied with my work/life up till now .

When do you know everything's worth it ?
I've thought over it for long and decided not to let it bother me .

I just wanna be, and stay happy ..


I'm soo damn excited now .

Got my friend's friend to buy LV Zippy wallet for me, and it's here !!
Hope she collects it soon .. can't wait to get hold of it :D♥

And my aunt's going to the US .. so gonna ask her to get my coin pouch for me .
Actually had my eyes on the LV damier one, but i think it's not worth it..
I'll make do with Coach .. good enough !

The last thing i'm eyeing/lacking now is a smaller bag .
I like the classic Gucci tote but i don't see it anywhere .. but that can wait(:

Alright, bed time soon ..

Yes it is, don't be surprised.. been sleeping so early these days .
Work is so damn tiring, drains me out .

Goodnight people ♥

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