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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Four more pictures of myself ..
Can't help loving my eye make-up :D !




Took this picture when i returned home from club yesterday night .

I loveee my dressing, make up and all the bloodiness .
Smokey eye, grey lenses, bloody me with a lacey bandage ..

Lazy sunday....♥

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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hello people, are you up for party tonight ? I AM :D
Vampire theme at TheBoilerRoom.. can't wait !

Bought corset, tried new eyeshadow colour, wearing grey lenses and my killer heels .
This is the first time i feel so enthusiastic to dress up for this .
Probably most of my friends will be there and dressing up, and it's a place i'm familiar with .

Alright, i'm gonna finish this post and start preparing !


Boiling @ The Boiler Room .

This time.. BFF joined me and i swear he's hating me to make him do somthing .
HAHA you will get to see what i did later on .

Roy Alejandro Seah he called himself .

Me and Ricky with ela, the Boiler performer .
We reached early, and ela came to find us for a drink and a picture :D !

leonie who said to reach early but didn't.. AS USUAL !

Carrie. BFF. Lemon. Janneve.

Check out the 4th picture..

This is it !

HAHA i sabo-ed BFF on stage and he had to do stunts .
And the one in Chinese costume is Gino, he is one helluva funny guy i swear !

Yay, downing the free beer for the courageous him .

I actually took video of what he did on stage but i know he's gonna kill me ..
So nonono , i'm gonna be nice now and not upload it HAHA !

Eunice and Alvin .

Drunk leon, no fail !

And last two picture taken,
Barry and Lince !

Okokay people.. Enjoy your weekend !

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ask me anything @


Went to have my fringecut at SalonVim with meiting .

I'm kinda particular about haircut.. I only go to my stylist at Parkway .
But it's too far to go just for a fringe cut , so i decided to try it out at SalonVim .
And i can tell you .. i love it !

Especially by Luis .. he's damn meticulous please !
And meiting was like telling me he uses his heart and soul in cutting, even fringe cut .

While we were waiting for our turns , camwhore !

And this is our fringe after !
HAHA i think we're damn act cute but who cares x;

I think it doesn't look much difference.. but seriously, that's the good thing !
At least it looks kempt but we don't look weird with a nerdy noob fringe .

more difference here huh .

And someone requested ,
this is the best.. my front view .


Monday again tomorrow .
Gonna be a busy day at work and imma gonna work OT after so long .

And meeting anna to check out waistbinder/corset at Bugis :D
Then we'll have dinner and head down Boiler at night .
HEHEE now don't call me hardcore ..

Try going chillout on a monday night , i tell you you'll love it !

I'm soooo excited about Saturday .

Are you excited? It's gonna be a vampire theme over there .

What're your plans people ?
I have many friends heading Zouk but imma gonna be faithful to TBR .
Already decided how my makeup should be .. CAN'T WAIT !

But now, i needa go sleep already .

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

New killer heels ♥ !

It's even higher than my previous one .
13cm high this time.. 1.5cm higher as compared !

Gonna wear it out next week for Halloween :D


It was a stayhome friday yesterday and i'm so glad i did .

Ohoh. On a lighter note, i tendered my resignation .
Counting down now.. i got a job on hand but i want the latter that i applied !

Boiling today i suppose.. PARTY PEOPLE !
Enjoy your weekend(;

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The day we woke up to have Hi-tea Buffet after a hectic party night before .

We actually postponed this meal for 3 weeks ..
So this time it's a die-die dragging ourselves outta bed for it , lol .

Just look at the amount of food on the table ..
It's like only the first round, and for 8 pax ! HAHA madness .

Anna and Gingin joined us :D

That's the order list after 3 rounds .

Actually it doesn't matter the quantity or what food you order .
They really gauge it themselves and they do miss out lots of our orders ..

Yummy !

Look at the amount of chicken feet(i think) .
Lince whack all of them okay, and actually there's more !

Plicky's always nice to serve us haha !

Anna. Lince. Adels. Rach. Lemon.

One group picture to end the post with .
I swear the waitress suck in taking pictures , but whatever ..


Imma gonna head to bed soon .

Meeting meiting for fringecut after work and a little shopping .
Haven't seen her for the longest time !

Alrighty, goodnight people(:

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Monday, October 18, 2010

I've been a BoilerRoom regular for the past two weeks .
Went there 4times last week, mon wed fri sat.. madness i know !

I was kinda alone in SG since lince and ricky went Bintan for the weekend .
And i'm glad i found Carrie who's free to head out :D
Yes , she didn't mind and both of us decided Boiler it shall be ..

I can only say , it is a fun fun night !
There're things that happened.. but i guess it's okay not to mention .

Just the two of us, can be this fun ;)

Adels & Carrie .

Our drinks, and fries as snack .

And even without the regulars.. i'm glad we're able to get free-flow of mixer !
HAHA sounds so cheapskate but i swear you'd rather this way ..

Performance time .
" Nobody, nobody but you.. "

My usual kissy kiss .. haha !

Leonard aka Boiler Crew ..
Thanks to him, our greentea never runs out :p !

And one last picture ..
with Karmela(Boiler performer) !


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My new loots !!
Love all these rings to bits :D


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Friday, October 15, 2010

Remember i bought this two months back?
Lazy me finally decided to be hardworking and pamper my hair .

I actually bought this instead of the pink one cause it looks more nourishing .

Here's my review:

Hair looks totally smooth the next two days , im impressed .
Because of all the hairmasks i used, my hair will only look smoother the next day. (note: look)
I swear it's Day 3 and my hair still feels damn smooth .

And yes .. i totally love this mask , haha !

Anyway i do apply their Hair Serum everyday, no fail !
I swear it's a MUST GET .. just like this hair mask(;


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