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Thursday, December 23, 2010

These... made me a happy girl (:
Thanks Boyf ♥ !


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wednesday night at TheBoilerRoom .

It was MJ's Tribute Black&White and that explains the picture above .
I swear wednesday's performances are enjoyable too, even if it's retro .
It's a different feeling from the hectic party on weekends ..

Best thing about it .. it's not crowded .
( not kidding but i like it that way )

Edmund(crew) Ela(singer) and Ivan & Anita .

One and only group picture .
Adels. Anita. Ricky. Ivan.

It was for anita's advance birthday celebration and i swear we had fun !
Too bad we were all too tired if not i'd have gone for supper @ 126 .


Job at new workplace has started.. and it's been training and still training .
Super torturous first week i had, one impromptu quiz and i have a hands-on test tomorrow .

We gonna officially start the real deal the next coming monday ..
I seriously hope it's gonna be all good .

It's been a super tiring and stressful week i'm glad i ended it well .
126 on friday and Cafe Iguana & TheBoilerRoom on sat .

Okay i'm supposed to be studying but im here updating, so wrong !
So imma gonna go back to my notes and try to remember some stuff before sleep .


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Random Update

Uploaded the pictures i took with my iPhone ..
Have been using it more than my digital camera lately .

lovee my new red jacket :D !

Had lunch at Pornsak's restaurant @ Bugis .
i think the food's kinda yummy .. and it's quite cheap !

10 bucks ktv @ Chinatown .

How long have i not gone singing.. i swear i miss it !
I swear that day's fun . Let's go again shall we?(:

And i finally have my dosage of 126 !!
Mega loveee.. tofuu ♥

Crab feast at Mellben seafood @ AMK .
Thankyou lemon for the treat(;

Our wed night at BoilerRoom .

Aww.. check out the two hearts beside my name, haha .

The crew gave me lotsa lotsa tequilla shots, i think like 20 ?!
I swear i nearly died cause of it , down-ed like 6 plus our bottle of hennessy .

And here's something worth seeing... LOL

I swear Ivan's damn freaking ZAI !!

Body shot on gino.. licking the teq shot salt from his thigh .

Okayy.. something to clear your mind .
Pretty pretty bling christmas decoration in town(:


Got the worst soreeye i ever had in my whole life .
Wore spectacles to work today.. been eons since i last wore it out .

New job's been sooo damn boring up till now , i hope all will be good soon .
Been trying hard not to doze off while having training today ..
The trainer's just reading from slide just like poly days =/

I miss that missing piece in my life .

Yet again, i constantly remind myself not to take the initiative .
Taking a step to get hurt or be let down .. i chose not to be.

Show me what's worth, and i'll believe...

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm back.. after not updating for long .
Got so many pictures piling up, i should really update .

Now now.. let's start with Halloween .
I know it's been a month, but it's something i can't skip updating !
It's the first time i took effort to dress up and all.. and took mega lotsa pictures .

Now let's continue with the pictures ..

That's my outfit for the night .

I can't help but love the corset .. wore a lacey dress inside though .
Whatever, i think it still looks pretty .. lol !

And ofcourse .. i love how bloody i looked(;

that's Carrie .
I did her make up for her, and am proud of myself :D !

Boiler performers.. Ann and Kehvyn !

Did i forget to mention?
It was vampy theme at TheBoilerRoom .

and they called those who really made the extra effort to dress up up on stage .
they are either really funny or scary .. love it !

The Boiler regulars who are serious in dressing up ..
PamPam. Clarence. Daniel. Julie.

And yes, i spotted Mario !
HAHAH and i requested for a picture taken together .

With Ivan, Anita and Plicky .

Look at Ricky .. he's like Lambo from Hitman Reborn (it's an anime) .
For the whole night i've been telling him, ricky you look damn ugly LOL !! X=

love this picture !

more more ..
and the thing about trying to pose as a vampy, i can't smile in the pictures !

best picture of the night, haha !

and those who didn't dress up ..

Group picture time .
Look at Bobby (the one on the far right) .. scary huh !

more shots of the view on the stage .

Clar and Daniel.. Totally epic ! LOL

Bunny girl, Vampires, Bao gong, Mafia .

I swear i salute TY to paint his face ALL BLACK !! LOL .
He's totally the attraction that night ..

And i headed over to Zouk for like.. 20mins?
HAHAH yeah i did, and it was so boring .

And a last picture of the night , that i took with wonder and yawen .
Wonder's face is awesome-ly done .. super gross !!


Gonna be TheBoilerRoom tonight again, what's new yeah?

On a heavier note.. I quitted my job and found a new one, if you really need to know .
I hope all's good for me over there and it's gonna start this coming monday ..

It's gonna be a busy day for me .
Needa log off and prepare !

Thanks for reading people , i'll try to update more :)

Have a great weekend ♥ !!

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