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If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.
Sunday, May 30, 2010

Follow and ask me anything here;

I'll try to answer them(:

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Internet still not fixed!!
I want to use my desktop instead please);

"I'll never be the same, if we ever meet again.."

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My house internet's down.. it's really irritating.

I'm so glad i have my iPhone, it has almost everything i need .
But this is totally not the solution .
Got them to fix it tomorrow.. please get it done fast !

Hectic weekend for me;

Went Somerset313 for a lil' shopping after work .
Met up with msWee, dee, nich & karad for dinner after .
Rushed off after to meet anna and we headed to Serangoon Gardens, chillout plan we had .
Meiting called when we just reached, and we cabbed over to Nana at 12 ! And it was until 3+ before home .

I'm amazed and proud of myself man..
meeting so many people and going so many places in a night, haha .

Exhausted me woke up early in the morning, but slept through the day later.
Woke up only at 7-ish and i had to prepare to meet lince and clique for dinner..
Skipped dinner as i reached late, and it was Boiler straight up till 4am .

Damn tiring please !
I had my fun.. but weekend just have to be over this fast);

I'm going Genting on Jun 4-6.. yes again !

Everyone's asking how many times i have to go a year .
And lince is thanking me for M'sia for contributing to them.. lol .
Whatever, I just want a getaway .

I hate to say this.. but i'm still not over it .
It's so haunting me still, sadly.

2 more days to a month.. How fast .
能不能再听一次你说爱我,回到还在你怀里的时候.. /:

Goodnight people .

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Got a darker hair tone this time, other than this, i'm so regretting): !!
Stupid me chopped off 4inches of my hair yesterday .

Can't wait for my hair to grow i swear .
Looks better in picture.. imagine my hair in real);

( don't tell me it's the same, i feel so much diff in real ! )

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

我根本什么都不想对谁说, 什么也不想交代。

难过了, 哭过了, 也几度曾在睡梦中惊醒过, 这样该够了吧。
只能说我好累, 谁也不能改变什么, 那就这样吧。

感慨, 也是在所难免的吧。

原谅我的愚昧, 只能希望这一切快过去吧。


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Monday, May 17, 2010

There's so much i wanna say .

I've been typing and deleting and re-typing and deleting them again ..
Nevermind , I guess .

Glad i'm on leave tomorrow .
Have a good rest people, and you too.. Good night ♥

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I guess now i only enjoy Boiler with the right clique .

Friday's more fun compared to last Sat despite the drinking ..
Been long since i drank so much, now Lince shouldn't scold me for not drinking !
Keep downing all the JohnnyWalker+GreenTea ..

The next day my breath just reek of that man .
And i'm almost nauseous when i returned home, tsktsk! Needa stop .


Pictures taken last Sat .

All geared up for Boiling .

That's Alice(:

I knew her from Zouk long long time ago, and that's the only time we met .
Rarely talk but both of us missed each other !

Got her to come to Boiler and i'm glad she love it(:

Lincey and Carol .

How long i haven't done this .. haha .

Ricky spoiling my picture with Ivy !

The rarely drunk Zen and carol .
( zen being drunk just reminds me of some inside joke , LOL . )

Last pic - Toilet break !(;

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My new love

Something to be happy about;

Replacement and new pair of contact lenses arrived .
Nuffnang cheque is finally here .


Leave taken on 14th, 17th and halfday on 27th of this month ..
Clearing leave is such a happy thing, and i still have 5 left before July26 .

Mum's planning to go Genting, i wanna go too!

I hope she got the rooms and coach booked soon .
I really wanna getaway, and to go on holiday with my grandparents .

I can't wait for Friday to come..

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twitter's becoming my getaway recently..
It's easier to post my thoughts/happenings there instantly.

Still have no idea what to write and haven't been in the mood for stuff .

Thank you whoever you are, for being concerned.
I know things will pass.. All i need is time, so just bear with me .


Baileys my mama bought ♥ .

My loots from Ikea.. All white !


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Monday, May 3, 2010

If it's gonna bore you, please do yourself a favour and don't read on.


I had a long heart-to-heart talk with BFF..

We talked about ourselves, our friends, and life.
Everything's just so depressing.
The only thing to be happy about, is that we've grown up, enough to know the limit and priorities in life.
Ironically, that's the saddest thing too .

Dreading to grow up, i guess it's really inevitable.
It really suck morale to say life goes on..

And I guess not until you've experienced losing a loved one in a tragic way,
then to realise it's not as easy as it is to say to end a life.
Everytime someone tells me 'life is meaningless' and stuff, it never fails to remind me.
The aftermath.... you really won't know.

I'm real tired of everything that's happening.
And saying all this actually doesn't help.

I'm really sad but i know it's just another phase I have to go through.

Ignore me people.
I'll be fine...

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