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Friday, February 25, 2011

Just 4 days after Valentines' our 2nd monthsary..
And this time it's my turn to plan where should we have dinner at !

I'm sucha fickle minded girl, i change my mind everyday on where should it be .
Decided on a place one day.. changed my mind another .

International buffet, jap buffet, steamboat, stayhome!? Headache only .

And so i finally decided to bring boyf to some international buffet at United Sq .

That's my parents and grandparents favourite place man ..
There's once that they go almost every week.. plain MADNESS !

Variety max selection of food ..
I especially lovee the teppanyaki !!

Fresh prawns and crayfish .

I think we had like 7 crayfish 4 prawns, hahahh .. damn yummy !
And there are like free flow of them and oysters and crabs .

Super money-back if you whack those ..

Yummy desserts .
Cakes, Fondue, Yam & Green tea icecream, Rose tea .. LOTSA !


I'm soooo gonna get plince, plicky, carrie and plemon back there in march .


April come quickkkkkk !!

Took leave from 1 - 4 April .. SHORT GETAWAY .

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

How'd you spend your Valentine's Day people?
Mine was quite simple, but nice..

Everyone in the office was asking, "Where's your flowers?"
But seriously.. must we receive flowers in the office if you're attached?


I've got mine on the previous night!(;
The deliveryman came knocking and i was surprised, yeah i was .

6 roses with a monkey "I Love You" .

Yes, he says that monkey's him cause we always call him BANAVAN .. LOL

When i asked him why 6 roses again?
He answered, "because it's still the same meaning" MEGALOVES(:

Though feeling that it's so wasteful to spend on it but can't help love receiving .
Contradicting i know, but.. HAHAHH okay i love it !

And on the actual day itself .

Boyf came to pick me after work and we headed for dinner..
And I had no idea where he was bringing me .

Trying to be secretive but he failed in the end, silly boyf .
Just slipped his mouth when he was trying to search for it.. Hahah .

And there we went ..
Concorde Hotel for our Valentine's dinner .

Cosy buffet dinner .
Nice nice ambience i'd say(;

my silly boyf ♥ .

Dig in time !!

I was deceived.. the beef's not yummy, at all);

Check this out.. heart-shaped potato in the soup .

They actually cut vegetables like carrots, potatoes into heart-shapes into the dishes.
It's really pretty to see .. totally feeling the Valentine's .

This is me, digging into the awesomely dope yam paste .

I swear it's the best dish for the night..
And the moment i tasted it, i told boyf to not talk to me .

I need to concentrate on eating that .. haha !

Boyf savouring the red wine, i have no fancy for.

Time for desserts !

How pretty they are.. SO SWEET !
Just looking at them is enough .

And we went off after dinner..

Off to my place to unwrap the pressies :D !

And here's what we bought for each other !
Looks like lotsa don't it ? Haha .

And a new wristlet from him :D !

I Love You, boyf(:


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ask me anything @


Finally decided to update after so long..
So soo lazy to start uploading the pictures and typing .

Let's see what i've been up to recently ..

Uh huh .
Partying at TheBoilerRoom as usual ..

Actually i haven't been there for 3weeks, but i just went back yesterday !
How i love the performers and performance .. AWESOME(:

Usual party pictures !

Random photos of me, in pink lenses .
Lovee it !

Frog porridge !!

Mad lovee G7's frog porridge.. damn dope !
But i only dare to eat the legs and i will not touch the rest .

The sauce/gravy is heavenly yummy.. goes damn well with the porridge :P
I'm feeling hungry while typing this now, CRAVE!!

Kose skincare for CNY !

Damn lovee Sekkisei Lotion. and my second purchase was $8 off ..
So i decided to get an eyeshadow for only $6 after discount, cheap ! LOL .

effing bling slippers for CNY and pumps for work !

CNY 1st and 2nd day :)

Day 1 - pink lenses , straight hair , red dress w black lace .
Day 2 - brown lense , wavy hair .

I seriously miss my long long hair);
Grow fast please !!

And I met boyf on the 1st day of CNY!(:

Damn coincidental that his granny's place is just a few blocks away from my relative's place .
Just a minute walk away.. haha how awesome .


Valentines' Day is just tomorrow !

How fast it is ..
I really have got noo idea what to buy for my boyf .

Like he's got awesome wallet, belts and all.. can't get him shoes and i got him lotsa tops already .
But ultimately i've decided on something ..
Can't post pictures of it now, but i know he'll love it :D !!

I'm actually quite excited to see his present for me cause' he said i'll love him 150times more .
LOLOL likea exaggerating huh ?! I think so too .. So we'll see.(;


(BOO to monday blues!)

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