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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Only people who are close to me knows ..
Random update of pictures with captions, that would be all.

Fight for what you want. At least, you tried..

Love my makeup..

The bear he won..

How we carried it around..

Love the stirrer..

The service bell we thought was cool..

I actually enjoy playing, my nails ain't a problem..

Lovely breakfast, but I didn't have my favourite..

The porridge, a must-eat..


Chocolate and Rainbow Sherbet..

How many layers I wore, but still freezing.


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Monday, March 29, 2010

I really wanna post up pictures and blog, but there's seriously something wrong with Blogger.
The uploading is taking forever and only uploads 2 out of 5 pictures.. Sigh.

So maybe i guess it's gonna be next time that i update ..

Fri - Steamboat with plince rach ricky&gf and adrian at Xian de lai / Boyf's place after .
Sat -Watched 'How to train your dragon' in 3D, went to find boyf's friends after at BoatQuay .
Sun - Stay home gaming on my iphone the whole day with boyf, we get real addicted.

That's pretty much what i always do during the weekends .
No BoilerRoom last week.. probably this Thursday(:

16.0mm enlargement it says.. looks dope(:

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Nude lips is ♥ .

Boiler Room yesterday was... not as enjoyable as i expected it to be.
I left before 3am and that's damn rare, everyone's asking me to stay ..

Lince says im getting old already, chilling out's more for me .
Probably so .. But not the getting old part please !


Work tomorrow after a week's rest, feels damn reluctant .

Public holiday on friday the next week .. come fast quick =x
There's so many things i wanna get.. I wanna go shopping soon(: !

Alrighty, time to head to bed .
Good night people ♥ !

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Had a nice short getaway with .

Super nice weather i love.. and being able to dress up(:
Love the fact it's only weekend now, more fun coming tomorrow .

Peach Garden dimsum buffet and Boiler i can't wait !
Off to bathe and head out after .

Enjoy your weekend people(: ♥♥♥

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Partying seems something not to be missed every week last time ,
but i've cut it down already for the past weeks ..

Boiler once every two weeks; yeah that's for now .

Many funny comments by the party people but i know they still love me ;x haha .
And probably it's good cutting down all these drinking ..

Lesser alcohol intake = healthy me(:


Haven't been taking pictures and am blogging lesser, it's really time for updates .
Now now, the overdue pictures i really need to post .

Last last saturday; The Boiler Room(:

That's Nath, Janice, Stella, Carol&Janice .

Seems like i haven't seen them for long, cause it's always partytime when we meet .
Sure is nice seeing them again .. partying and having fun together(:

And a picture of the birthday boy ..
Check out that humsup face of his =x oops ! HAHA .


One of the rare fridays spent with Meiting&Lijuan .

Was at Dempsey's PS Cafe with Meiting, Megan and their friend .
After they left .. Meiting & I headed over Club NANA .
Lijuan joined later , and yes , it's just the three of us occupying the space of 10 over !

Screaming, dancing, taking crazy pictures .. that's what we always do .
And i have to say, I always enjoy hanging out with them(:

Spells f-u-n(: !

Jus two, random/crazy pictures we took ..
Always laughing like mad and doing crazy stuff with them .

Totally the love♥

Never knew i would clique well with meiting and her friends .
She's definately the friend worth keeping(:

Just two more days.. and i'm outta here !

I shall not, or rather, seems like i cannot reveal where i'm going .
I guess, it's better left unsaid.. haha not so serious though(:

I know .. i'll enjoy the getaway .
Long long long weekend i'm sooo loving(:

Goodnight people !

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Friday, March 12, 2010

My recent buys;

2 tops from Forever21 and Lipliner & Blusher from M.A.C .

I swear retail therapy sure helps .
Feels 5896349times happier everytime i get something, but this is bad ..

But i'm always happy with my buys(:


It's a stayhome weekend yet again .
's out for drink with his friends and only coming over tomorrow .

I'm so heading to bed soon , worn out after havoc yesterday with colleagues .
Goodnight people ..

Have a great weekend(: !

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The previous blog space for pictures upload's pretty much used up .
Lazy to change a new url .. i'm keeping this and changed the old one to another .

It's a stayhome weekend .

Went SOHO with my colleagues yesterday after dinner .
It was quite an enjoyable one though .. the music was not bad(:


Now now.. the CNY pictures are much overdue ..
I guess it's time i upload them before i decided to just skip updating .

Not many uh .. Now let the pictures do the talking .

Check out the many people at my grandparents' place ..
This is only the living room, there're more of my relatives in the kitchen and rooms .

I'm so loving it(:
Red dress, bling accessories and wavy hair .

Cousins .
It's like a must take every year ..

And that's all taken at my grandparents' place before i left for visiting .
Left quite early and cousins were all not there yet thus the little pictures(:

My lilo' brother who's not little at all .. haha .
that's taken before we went back home(:

Met up with ♥ and steamboat again .

Love the double eyelid i get after pasting fake lashes .


Gonna catch Alice in Wonderland tomorrow with ♥ , i hope it's nice(:
Gave Boiler a miss tonight .. Sorry plince , I will go back soon !

I wanna my getaway to come fast..
March 17 i can't wait !

Haven't been taking care of my skin since CNY .
I think i should pamper myself .. exfoliate , porepack and slap a mask on .

Enjoy your weekend people(:

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