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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soooo overdue pictures .

Here goes ..

I really miss Genting !
Hope i get my block leave approved in September..

I miss partaye too !

And the night we finished all 5 towers and 3 bottles ..

Usuals, having fun :D !

A picture from Janneve's camera, from long ago .


I've been working so much OT this week, so damn tired .
But so happy when i see the $$ rolling in(;

Didn't even go club yesterday..
Fell asleep in boyf's arms while he was watching tv, and it was only 11pm !

Sooooo damn glad it's another long weekend next week.
But I've to go back to new office for testing);
Yeah, we're moving to NewTechPark.. siansation !!

I shall motivate myself since OT's paid .
$$$$$ 1st May come quick !

Enjoy Sunday people♥(:

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Favourite group picture !!

Everyday i'll tell boyf.. FRIDAY QUICK PLEASE !
Soooo damn glad it'll be friday tomorrow :D

I'm gonna have a hectic weekend starting tomorrow .

♥ Friday - Home-cooked dinner with boyf and movie night .
♥ Saturday - Dinner at Vivo. Party @ Boiler.
♥ Sunday - International buffet with loves !

I'm gonna save up save up ..
Gonna get the rebate from govt and bonus next month. YEAY!

Back to tv now.. Gonna watch DC Cupcakes .
Totally make me feel like baking again. Saturday maybe?(;

Have a good week people♥

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back from Genting trip.. and i'm missing it already !
Should i say i miss not working more? Haha .

Feels damn good to be enjoying and not working .
So much fun to travel with boyf, plince and plicky .. eat, sleep, gamble, drink!

But one bad thing is the weather isn't as cold);


Aunt's finally back from U.S. !

Got her to help me get Coach Mini Skinny pouch from there ..
Dirt cheap!! Can't wait to get hold of it :D

Toooo obssessed with labels.

Will be back to update again .. so long people !

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