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Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Shiseido Sales !!

Sorry people don't ask me when, cause today's the last day .
And i'm so glad i didn't buy alot .. manage to stop impulse buying .

Took pictures of what i bought..

My loots :D♥ !

Look at the little white bag, only cost me $8 !
You can actually open it up and it look totally like a wallet-wristlet in one .

The gift set.. totally worth it !!
* pretty pretty *

Consists of: Lipgloss set, Eyeshadow and Mascara-Eyeliner in one .

Majorlica Majorca Lipgloss .
* nude shimmer is lovee! *


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Seriously i think it's damn cool to be able to do this .

He's damn meticulous, even edges are torn to seem like petals ..
I swear the picture didn't do justice to this pretty thing .

Isn't it just too bad? I think it's sad .
Thanks anyhow ..


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Saturday, November 13, 2010

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I've been wanting to bake and i finally got my mum to buy an oven for me !
I swear i love baking.. brownie, cookies and cakes. or even puffs/pies .

I'm so gonna bake a cake on granny's birthday :D

Lazy me finally decided to buy the mix yesterday and bake brownie .
Prepared and baked it just now to bring it to BoilerRoom tonight !
For the regulars and the performers .. hehee .

And i took a few pictures .
Here is ..

All mixed , ready to be baked in the oven .

After 40 minutes ..

I had to steal a piece to see if it's ready and taste if it's nice !
And i swear it's HEAVENLY DOPE .. HAHA :P

I got them cut out in pieces .
And two heart-shaped ones for the performer tonight !


Healthy friday night yesterday, no party !
Finally caught Social Network and damn.. it's damn intellectual .
And watching that just reminds me of my poly days .

Programming. Coding, planning and linking of pages .
Login page. Home page. Error message page.


I'm gonna rest for awhile and prepare for party tonight :D
So gonna wear my new pretty wedges to Boiler .

Enjoy your weekend people ♥ !

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My new lovee ♥ .

Just look at the sparkles on the floor.. dazzling !
Totally comfy, bling and pretty .

Tell me, how not to love?(:

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Monday, November 8, 2010

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Realised i am so much more active on facebook and twitter .

With my iPhone4, i can take pictures anywhere and upload them as and when ..
So now imma gonna post the random pictures from my phone .

Drink.. food.. more drink, and more food .

Brotzeit .
I loveee the mashed pototes.. dope !

Boiler on a tuesday night ..
i think we finished 1.5 bottles of martell plus that tower of beer that night .

Gong Cha .

Have you tried this bubble tea?
I swear i'm damn disappointed with this, condemned.

Cheesy wedges .

I always have this when i visit V8 with my colleagues .
Generous amount of cheese given, and it's cheap .. WORTHIT .

Yakun for lunch one of the days.. yummy !

Sound likea sua-ka but this is my first time trying J.Co donuts .

Banana chocolate.. nice !
I think i'm in love with this combi .

before party(;

Our usual wednesday ..
Chicken wings at TheBoilerRoom is effing yummy .

Colleague's last day, and we had BahKutTeh .

Not that nice that time we went but for all these.. 8 people we only paid $6 each .

This is what you do when you're bored at work..
with a front camera on your phone x;

and on a slacker-ish friday.. that's Liting !

we went to Somerset313 for lunch :D !

Ippudo.. my first visit there !
and i feel it's a little over-rated .

Side dishes we ordered..
Chicken wings' pretty normal. Gyoza's dope.

First try too.. Ice Cold Rock .
And i'd totally choose Marvelous Cream over this .

KOI from Iluma .
Loving my Oolong Milktea with Grassjelly - 50% sugar .

Dinner at PeachGarden for elder bro's birthday .
( Beijing roast duck in that picture )

Wasabi prawn and my must-have dessert there :D !

And a picture with my lilo' cousins ..
Hong Yi and Lennon .

BFF :D !

Been hanging out much together this week .
This was taken when we went chillout on friday(;


I had 2 Peach Margarita and they had 3 pine beer each .
Seriously, we're damn alcoholic ..


I'm gonna be officially jobless soon ..
It's a long story i don't wanna start, only my close friends knows .

Mum just said to go Genting in December.. i think it's a good time .
A break before i get started on a new job or something(:
It'll be the fourth time i'm heading there this year, madness .

Long weekends are always more hectic as compared .
I'm heading out everyday instead of resting .

I shall head to bed soon already .

Goodnight ♥ !

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