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Because good things don't last .
If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.
Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long long overdue pictures...
My 22nd birthday, oh god im getting old !);

I realise my friends come and go , my mum noticed that too .
But i've came to realise one thing .. as long we're happy the way we are, it's all good .
Sometimes i think things just happen, or rather, shit happens (:

Alright let's continue with the pictures ..

Met up with Rachie & Ricky and got KOI :D !

Dinner was at DianXiaoEr with the others..
Really yummy ! I love the herbal duck and soup .

Taken in train ♥

Wearing my newly bought hair accessory, im addicted to it now !
I think it's nice to put it on when you're all dressed up :D

And we went Helipad @ Clarke Quay..
Indoors this time(:

Kat came.. and there's Rachie .

B52 - Trying to get me drunk !

Cheers ♥ !

and lianmeiting a.k.a mistress came !
Love her to bits :D

Pics and more pics ..

The loves ♥ !
( Rachie. Katherine. Lince. Ricky. Clar. Meiting&Shunxiong. Lemon&Andy. )

The superbly dope Nachos !!

I'm getting red !

It's my birthday !!

Red x 1 .

Red x 2 .

WG - the clubbers !

And a last group picture before we left !

At the carpark..
Shunxiong drove us all to ClubNana !

Party party with Juan too ♥ !

Many many love !!

Ricky Rach Clar !(;

Kissy kissy *muack*

the fun funny people i love!(:

Candid please .. haha !

Meiting got me the flower !!
and they made ricky do this .. lol .

Toilet break = timer shot time !
I loveeeeeeeee them :P

Sawadeekup !

They mega kissed me that night ! LOL .

" Dance dance like it's the last last night of your life ~ "

Haha nice , i like this picture !

Our way of dancing, point point point !

And the last picture !

I'm so happy i've them in my life .

You know, especially LIANMEITING !! How do i do without you...♥
Ricky Lince Rachie are always there to listen too, thankyou my loves !


Life's better now, much better .
I'm finally feeling i'm moving on.. though not totally .

Thankyou the one who saved me,
i decided you're the one and it helped ..

Nonono.. trust me it's not what you all are thinking .
But i managed to pull this through thanks to this decision i made !


" I need another story, something to get out off my chest . "

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Monday, August 23, 2010

So so.. lazy to update recently .
I've got 6 folders of pictures waiting for me ..

Lazy and emotionally unstable, i think i should take a break .
Not gonna start ranting because it's gonna be the same old stuff ..

So for now, it's still gonna be only me !

Let's see what i have done this week..

TheBoilerRoom on Friday & Saturday, I swear i will stop for some time .
Emo-ed max on friday crying out when i reached home ..
It's still affecting me, loads .

Caught The Expendables today !

I swear it's freaking awesome, i love the action the fighting and everything .
Oh and it's funny too.. it's the best movie i've caught this year IMO .


Gonna be busy this coming week .
I think plans were made 1 to 2 weeks back.. I LIKE(:

Monday - Town after work with colleagues .
Wednesday - Meeting Sara38 for dinner .
Friday - Jiefang for movie (tentative!) .
Saturday - BBQ @ ricky's place .

I've been wanting this something for so long, and I've settled for this ..
I'm so sooo gonna get it next month(:

Goodnight people ♥

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Monday, August 16, 2010

On my birthday, i became a siambu at ClubNana .
Yeah i'm so kidding.. they're way hotter !


Memories, is sucha killer .
I'm being sucha loser.. i think, it's just me.

I cried the first few hours and after i woke up from sleep on my birthday .
The tears just rolled down like as if they're supposed to be .
What a great thing to happen on your birthday huh .

After so long, i'm still so affected and unable to let it go .
Useless; i don't know what can i do, or rather, what should i do ..

I put my guard up, cause this is what i fear .
But everytime i fall so badly.. it's so hard to pick myself up .
And the next time, it's harder to let anyone in .

I'm really really tired..
;( sigh.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

" Picture perfect memories "

" I am in misery, there ain't nobody who can comfort me "

" Somehow it is cut so much, deeper than they seem "

" It's not what i didn't feel, it's what i didn't show "

" I lie awake, i drive myself crazy thinking of you "

" The silence isn't so bad, till i look at my hands and feel sad. cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly "

" 我爱他跌跌撞撞到绝望,我的心深深伤过却不会忘。"

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just got my nails done today(:

It's gonna be my birthday in 2 days time .

You know.. i'm not excited about it at all, in fact, i really want a peaceful one .
Just a gathering or dinner with my close friends ..
Just a drink or two at a pub or bar reminiscing/chating/gossiping .

I've come to this point thinking that birthday's not a big deal to the person him/herself .
Others will think it's a bigger deal .. that's what i think .
Just wanna get together with my friends, and be happy ..

Anyway i'm real tired..
Gonna head to bed after this, goodnight♥!

Will be back to update soon.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

It's gonna be hectic these two weeks for me(:

Dinner. Movies. Shopping. JB. BBQ.
And i'll turn a year older next week.. nooo~!!

I'm home on a friday night, such a good girl. HAHA

Alright i'm gonna turn in soon..
Enjoy the long weekend people !

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