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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Got my weekend all planned out ..
Busy busy starting tomorrow !

Tomorrow: Dinner with plince and ricky @ Shoru's AroundDeWorld .
Friday: Shopping at Vivocity(screams F21!) & ToyStory3 .
Saturday: Japanese buffet at MiramarHotel & Twilight Saga: Eclipse .


So damn tired now .

I promise i'll update soon ..
Now it's time for bed, goodnight people !

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

TheBoilerRoom again yesterday .

Am happy Karen decided to come by, haven't seen her for the longest time .
Had to reject her to go to the new DoubleO on friday ..

I was almost goner yesterday, need to stop drinking like this already..
Feeling the aftermath and only recovered now .
No appetite for the whole day and eating anything just feels i'll puke anytime ..

Decided not to take leave tomorrow ..
3 days of leave left until Jul26, i shall use it wisely .

TV time now, WorldCup - France vs Mexico (0-2) .
Take care people ♥

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Watsons Green Tea Mask
Kose Sekkisei Lotion

Decided to take good care of my skin now .
Mega replenish = mask everyday

1) Watsons Green Tea Mask

Finally decided to try it after so long and i think it's quite good .

The essence's kinda sticky and i was quite doubtful at first,
surprisingly my face doesn't feel sticky after massaging the remaining on my face ..

But i think it kinda stings at my nose area ..
Probably cause i've been sneezing out mucus for week, skin's peeling .
So i guess it's not for use if your skin is injured due to sunburnt or like my case ..

Other than that i still find it okay .
And it's not expensive.. worth the buy :)

2) Kose Sekkisei Lotion

It's a MUST USE for me everyday .

I use it every morning and after i wash up after work ..
No need for toner and this is a good moisturizer .
Just dampening the cotton pad and wipe your face with it is sufficient ..

The lotion's good enough to be a mask .
Wiping gently helps to clean off dead skin too ..
Keeps my face moisturized all day even in office, aircon all day .

Good for lazy people like me :)

That's all for tonight .

I'm so damn tired.. still coughing after so long =(
TV time and sleep soon , goodnight !

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Skincare for the day:
Kose Exfoliating Massage Gel
Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask
Kose Sekkisei Emulsion

Bought that Kose massage gel for a year, finally decided to use it .
No worries i've checked.. it's still way long before the expiry =)

Used it for the first tme, but i think it's good !
Self heat and my skin feels smooth after ..


Slept through the weekend but i'm still feeling so tired .
Sigh.. no idea why =/

Decided to jog today after so long, feels so good .
Gonna have subway salad for lunch for the whole week :)
I think that'll be good for me !

2 more months .. my hair, please grow fast !!

Alright. Back to watching tv ..

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brought my colleagues to BoilerRoom last saturday .
Have been saying for months and yes, finally..

So glad they enjoyed it .

All of them laughed like mad , like the first time i was in Boiler .
I still enjoy Boiler now nevertheless =)

Colleauges and ex-colleagues .

The Boiler regulars :)
(there lemon! finally a picture with you.)

The girls that night

On MC today.. fever and throat inflammed .
So glad i didn't go to work today ..
Only had minor sorethroat last night, didn't know it'd be so serious .

On leave tomorrow !

I swear i hesitated whether to MC today or not .
Gonna get my nails done like finally after i-dont-know how many months :)

Really really tired ..
Been feeling this for the longest time .


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Monday, June 14, 2010

I've got nothing to say .

It's the same old few things..
Till then, when i really let go and be fine .

I'm tired, mentally and physically .

Goodnight people

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am back...

Weather's like crap there, not the usual freezing cold .

Casino all day other than our meals and sleep in the hotel ..
For the first time i haven't been to themepark when i'm there .

I stayed in the hotel room alone when i don't feel like staying out .
Listening to the songs on my phone and i can't help it.....
Vanilla Twilight caught me .

Probably winning money in the casino made my trip worthwhile .
Else there's nothing much to mention, really..


I'm gonna stop crying every now and then .
Even when i was on the way there or alone in the hotel, what a crybaby .

Nothing's gonna change and crying won't help .

I get tonnes of concern but it's not helping, i feel like crap for disappointing.
Despite knowing what should i do but i have no control ..

Finally it happened, and then it had to be like this .
I managed a smile and said bye.. i think i did well, that's the best i could .
I cried loads i'm really tired.. ain't all this enough?


So irritated by myself for being like this. 烦不烦?
It's time, really time to stop..


Please, let this be the last ..

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Somehow i wish i was never back .
Till then ..

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Boiler Room - 22nd & 29th May .

It was a crazy night .

Asked Mr.E over to Boiler outta boredom and i totally regretted it .
I'm sucha bitch for leaving him alone with his friend .. but i just don't feel like entertaining .
Don't like the way he treats my friends and whatever he said ..

Normal looking, drives, tall .. doesn't mean anything at all .
I've got no interest in all these .

Zen and Clarence .

That's Carrie(:

And last week, we went ahead to Boiler with that little few, without lince .

It's still fun minus all the kiddos !
Didn't know that StJames doesn't have the 23yrs age limit for all the other clubs .
All the Powerhouse kiddos are all coming over =(

Hate them for carrying a jug to dance and spilling the drinks..
Feel like slapping them i swear, so irritating !

Stella and Anna .

Irene.. super BPL ;x

And the girls that night(:


I went to the doctor's today like finally .

Haven't been feeling so well for a month or so since it happened ..
Nauseous, puking out the food i ate and gastrics pains .. Something's wrong with me .

Doctor gave me some fluid and tablets to take to control the acid .
Nothing's so worse for now.. if it persists i need to go for a check in case there's ulcer .
I guess things ain't so serious so i'm gonna be good and take those medicine .

No work today was good, been feeling sleepy all day .
I'm gonna head to bed soon ..

Goodnight people ♥ .

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