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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm taking back whatever i said..

And to those people out there who're trying to bring me down,
I won't hate you nor say thank you.
But I found my bestest friends who's been there for me even when i did wrong .

Think about it, what do you gain saying all these .
I believe in karma .. what goes around comes around .

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've been wanting to update but i haven't found time ..
The pictures are piling up so much it's making me even lazier to do so .

I'm sorry but i'll be back for it, now I just wanna rant .


I was a bitch last friday, I think i was one on saturday too ..
and i still don't know if it's right but i didn't really cared .

Felt the tension after something was mentioned, why so?

Isit because you know someone long enough, it means your judgement is always right ?
But of course it depends on what kind of person you are ..
To be fair, I don't know any of you really well to start with .

I hate two-headed people, if you think it's you, yes.. i'm talking about you .
I swear you can't win people like them, because they say what is pleasing to "their" ears .

Many thoughts in my mind since the day you told me that ..
I'm thinking about the changes that'll occur, the consequences if things doesn't work out .
Is everything worth it? Is it worth the risk to take just for a try?

You know, I don't have an answer myself..
But I know i'm happy now, and i think it's all that matters .


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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ask me anything @
How's weekend for you people?
Mine's kinda the usual, nothing fantastic.. But not today :D !

Woke up receiving a text from Lince asking us for dinner .
And I'd tell you that's rare, because it's a Sunday..
The day we all rest at home recovering from party the previous night .

Chatted in msn with them and received a call from an unknown number .
Was deciding to pick up or not but I've got a hunch that it's from..
..and YES! It's from Louis Vuitton (;

The Damier Neverfull MM that i had wanted is here !

I was told they only have one piece, they'll reserve it for me for the day .
And I headed down town to get it before dinner and movie ..

Happy happy girl I am, ain't I ? :P

One thing off my list ♥ .

And that, is what makes a girl happy..(:

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look what came knocking today?(:

Finally finally my iPhone4 is here !
But i can't use it yet, still need to go down Singtel and get my sim card changed .


I really can't decide now, can anyone help me?
Should i get..

LV Damier Neverfull + LV Damier Zippy wallet
LV Damier Neverfull + Burberry Nova Check Tote bag
Burberry Nova Check Tote bag + LV Damier Zippy wallet ?

Damn headache...);
If only if only, yes i need to be contented !

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Been playing with my lappy's webcam :)

Decided to forgo the Burberry bag and get it later..
I wanna Damier Neverfull MM !

Got my lappy, Lady's Card, iPhone4's coming tomorrow..

What's left is just the bag i always wanted );
Please restock soon cause i want it sooo badly !!


Used Laneige Skin Refiner Light_EX for 2 days and here's my review:

Day 1 : Applied Lights_EX toner, and normal make up after .

Skin feels refreshed but not as moisturizing as Kose's IMO .
Kinda like the refreshing scent of the toner when applying it on face .

Didn't like the fact that it is kinda hard to wet my cotton pad, a little hard to be poured out .
It's kinda good and bad in a way.. because you won't pour excessive out resulting in wastage.
But it's way too irritating to keep shaking the bottle to get the liquid out .

Skin started to get oily during lunch .

Day 2 : Applied the Light_EX toner and Kose's Sekkisei Emulsion after .

Face feels more moisturized and i think it helps absorb the moisturizer better .
Face feels refreshed throughout the day ..

I'd suggest this for people who're hardworking enough to put moisturizer on after toner .
Totally choose Kose Sekkisei Lotion over this though .

Laneige actually has a more moisturized one i think, POWER ESSENTIAL.
I think i will give it another try after i finish this bottle .
Think it'll be more moisturized than this, so if you wanna try, i'd suggest that .

Probably different people with different skin condition think otherwise about this .
Any of you used POWER ESSENTIAL and have any feedbacks, please share with me !(:


Tomorrow's Wednesday like finally, midweek YEAY !
What should i do this weekend ?

Hmm... i'm gonna go back to watching SCV show and msn .

Goodnight people :) !

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Long weekend is !

Caught 'Grown Ups' today, like finally.. with ricky plince and kat !
It was so damn good, we laughed throughout the show man .

Thai sweet mango and banana .

Brought lince to Fruit Paradise after him wanting to eat since long ago .

We tried two different tarts and had rose tea.. this particular tart was the best i had .
I didn't like the tart for the overwhelming whip cream, i think this already had minimal .
But any-o-how.. i'm sure not going back there again ..

1-Caramel PAWNS ! (;
So going back there for their cakes .

My Kose Sekkisei Lotion's used up and i decided to try this .
Better be good, and hydrating.. Will review after i've tried :D !

Package 3in1 !

Alright i'm soooo gonna rest and laze around .

It's gonna be Boiler tomorrow, and i hope Zouk too !!
Friends are expecting me to Boiler tonight .. so damn tired please .

Should i or should i not ?!

Will be back to update again .
Enjoy your long weekend people ! (:


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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ask me anything @ !


I'm here to update again !
But before i start, i just wanna say..


And why?

1. Mum just got me a lappy !
( Forgo-ed the pretty looking Sony VAIO and went for something better. )

2. Mum bought iPhone4 with her line and it's gonna be mine !

3. I'm so gonna get my Burberry bag this month !

4. 90% getting a new wallet, something good.
( Prada/Burberry/LV/any suggestions? )

That's so sooo enough to make me happy :D !
Girls, so easy to satisfy.


The Boiler Room visit at the last day of July..
And this time, rare guest Rachie came along with us(:

Pictures time !

Package ! Haha .

and Ricky brought someone along, Twinkle !
( haha yeah.. and we started singing *twinkle twinkle little star* )

with Rachie & Twinkle .

and another shot .

Melissa. Clarence. Ricky. Lince. Twinkle. Rachael.

Their faces just keeps appearing.. haha !
What to do? They're the Boiler regulars, the party people .

Toilet break !

love these pretty shots ♥ !

like the besties huh, haha .
I've like known them for a year already ! So fast please .

Anna & sis came to find me :D !

that's Ivy and Pam !(;

A happy group picture to end the post with (:
( pardon lince.. tired la him lol ! )

I'm soooo gonna go sleep soon .
Long weekend coming week spells yeayness, happpyy !

Goodnight people♥(:

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ask me anything @


Random Updates :
Photos taken by my iPhone .

Dinner with family out most of the days recently .
And there's an outlet of Soup Restaurant opened at ToaPayoh.. love the chicken !

Went to the Laneige counter @ Bugis after seeing meiting's post .
And friend's friend was working there, thanks for the many samples :D !

Have yet to try them.. but i think i'll get the toner to try !

Dessert after dinner with family.. FONDUE!(:

Lilo' brother..still like a kid !

Bought Swensen's Icecream mooncake home !
This is the Yam flavoured one.. freaking dope i swear .

Lunch was alone yesterday and i went Somerset313 to shop..
Bought this back office to eat, Waffles Chicken Mayo Sandwich .

I swear imma gonna go try the others next time :D !

and these are the accessories i bought recently !

In love with hair accessory and rings .
and not forgetting BLINGS :D

and last but not least,
i received my nuffnang cheque !



Whatsapp has been a bitch recently, down for like almost everyday .
But i can't help but say it's helped me save lotsa smses and i get to chat free like msn ..

I'm sooo freaking tired !
Haven't been sleeping well for the wole week);

Charged my camera batt, iPhone, external phone charger.. Am all geared up for tonight !
Poly gathering(dinner) and it's gonna be TheBoilerRoom at night .
I'm happy, i'm over that phase.. I don't dread Boiler, cause of you, anymore .

So gonna go prepare soon(:

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